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10 Ways to Carry Your Concealed Carry Gun

Posted by Tom McHale

on Nov 13, 2014 8:25:44 AM


Got a concealed carry gun? Or maybe you’re just thinking about getting one? No worries, either way, here are some holster options to consider…

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For sake of consistency, let's say you have a Beretta Nano. Here are 10 carry options and why I think they're ideal.

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Galco Tuck ’N Go

If you want total convenience, check out the Galco Tuck ’N Go. As the name implies, it’s a simple, yet effective rig. Stuff your Nano in the inside-out leather pocket, fix the plastic hook to the bottom of your belt and go to town. The inside-out leather design is intentional. The smooth leather inside facilitates an easy draw, which the rough side on the exterior helps create a little friction to keep the holster in place inside your pants. This design, carrying a Beretta Nano, will allow you to choose your concealed carry holster placement. Carry it at a classic four or five o’clock position, in a cross draw location or even appendix position and you’re good to go.

Flashbang Betty

The Flashbang Betty holster is a versatile carry option for men or women. It’s an all Kydex model with a large clip that you can attach to a belt for inside the waistband carry or to the inside of any larger bag like a purse or backpack.

Holster Handbag

If you need an off-body carry method, a handbag with a built-in holster is the way to go: there are several CC-X0018models available on the market, for a choice where safety and reliable draw design has to meet esthetics. Regular purses provide concealment but aren't ideal off-body carry methods, since the gun could rattle around or the carrier is forced to add a secondary hoslter, inside the purse, since you do not want your handgun to get mixed up with the other contents of your handbag.

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N82 Tactical

You have a couple of additional options from N82 Tactical. That’s “Nate Squared Tactical” by the way. N82 offers a full range of holster options for your Beretta Nano, regardless of how it’s equipped. Got a trigger mounted laser? No problem, order the Original model for trigger guard mounted lasers. If you want tuckable, that’s available too. N82 also makes their Professional model for the Nano. This one features a polycarbonate holster shell that provides positive retention. All the N82 Tactical models have a lot more under the covers than meets the eye. The backing that separates the gun from your body not only covers the entire gun, grip included, but is a three layer affair. The suede layer goes against your body for comfort and a little bit of friction for increased stability. The center layer is neoprene to provide a moisture barrier, protecting you from gun oils and your gun from sweat. The exterior layer is smooth leather to facilitate and easy draw and protect your Nano's finish.

Hybrid Holster

Here’s the short skinny on hybrid holsters. They’re comfortable and stable. If you don’t know what a hybrid holster is, imagine a large leather backing that goes against your body for comfort and support, with a Kydex gun pocket that holds your gun securely. The big benefit is that the two materials are used for the job they’re most suited for. Leather is comfortable against your gut, while Kydex does a great job of holding a gun. It’s infinitely moldable and retains its shape for easy re-holstering. Kydex is also thin, so the overall width of the holster package is as small as possible. 

The Beretta BU Nano Hybrid differs from others as it has billions (well, maybe dozens) of air holes that allow breathing.

Concealed Carry Accessories

Pocket Holster

Nano_pocket_holsterThe Beretta Nano is small enough for pocket carry, provided you wear pants with a little room in the pockets. The Beretta Nano Pocket Holster is a nylon holster with a reinforced band around the base area. The holster features a wing at the bottom which prevents it from tilting from the weight of the gun, especially since the magazine full of cartridges is up high. This holster works for righties or lefties and helps break up the outline of your gun. If you choose to carry your Nano in a pants or coat pocket, ALWAYS use a pocket holster like this one. Not only will it keep your gun oriented properly for a repeatable draw, it will protect the trigger to help prevent unintentional discharges.

The Original FlashBang Holster

The FlashBang holster is a Kydex design with a small leather strap that attaches to the center part of the bra. The idea is that the gun rides tucked under the center of the bra, oriented in a horizontal position. The Kydex gun pocket is designed like a clamshell, so the draw motion requires you to grip the gun and simply pull downward, thereby releasing it from the Kydex carrier. 

I don't have the particular lady parts that would require me to wear a bra, so I'm not recommending this one from personal experience. I am, however, recommending the FlashBang from the comments of hundreds of women I've spoken to about it over the past three years. If I had to count up, I'd estimate that 9 out of 10 women who have tried it with a compact gun like the Beretta Nano like it. That's a pretty good acceptance ratio for a holster. Holsters are like shoes. One that's great for me may be terrible for you. If you're not a man, check out the Flashbang - it may just work out for you.

IWB Holster

While a relative of the Galco Tuck ’N Go, the Galco Walkabout elevates the family to new levels. Like the Tuck ’N Go, it’s a simple IWB design. The difference is that the Walkabout adds a spare magazine pouch into the primary holster design. The clip is larger to support the extra weight, but if you wear a black belt, no one will notice. Also an inside-out leather design, the Walkabout features a reinforced mouth to allow easy re-holstering even when you’ve got that belt cinched in tight.

ABS Belt Holster 


If you dress in such as way that allows outside the waistband carry, then check this one out. It's a versatile holster that comes with both paddle and belt loop attachment options. The belt loop mounts can accommodate belts from 1-inch to 1 3/4 inches wide. It's a straight cant design, meaning that your Nano will ride vertically in the holster. Given different arm and torso proportions between men and women, many ladies prefer a straight cant over a forward cant holster for a smoother draw motion.

It's also a great option if you want to compete with your Beretta Nano - IDPA for example. 

Simply Rugged Cuda

If you like that all-leather look, and sometimes want to carry inside the waistband and other times outside, check out the Simply Rugged Cuda. The Cuda is a neat design that looks like a traditional outside the waistband pancake holster. It's got three belt loop slots so you can mount it in a regular strong side or cross draw position.  Where it shines is when you use the optional IWB straps. These hang from the back of the holster, and when you want to carry the Cuda inside the waistband, simply flip the straps over the front side and they become IWB loops.

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