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The Things Your Waterfowl Hunting Guide Wishes Clients Would Do

Laser Guided Shotgun Training? Almost…

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The Great Shotgun Bead Debate: Part Two

The Great Shotgun Bead Debate: Part One

Overcoming a Shooting Slump

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Position is the key to upland birding hunting

Staggered Shells

Don't Overlook the 28-Gauge

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The Right Kind of Clays

Semi-Auto: First & Forever Shotgun

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Pros and Cons of Pistol Optics

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What Makes a Perfect Carry Pistol

Getting Ready For Your First Match

Learn the Art of Calling a Turkey

Sight Science (how to use handgun sights)

Getting Started in IDPA

The Gear You Need for Your Turkey Hunt

One step to improve your shotgun accuracy

How To Locate Wild Turkeys

Getting Started in USPSA

Will You Shoot Better with an Improved Trigger?

Knowing Your Limitations and Choosing the Right Choke

Attitudes, Guns and the Importance of De-escalation

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Using discipline during range time

What to Look for in a Firearms Trainer

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Dogs, Mountain Lions, and Delicious Stuffing - A Field to Fork Story

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Moms Mentor the Youth Waterfowl Hunt

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Perfecting Swinging Through in Shotgun Training

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Gun Training - The Conditioned Response

How to Survive Your First Gun Store Visit

Field Safety with Hunting Partners

Shotgun Shooting 201

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Shotgun Shooting 101

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7 Reasons to Hunt Rice Fields for Ducks

Shoot Accurate or Shoot Fast?

Five Mistakes Rookies Make During Early Teal Season

Top 5 Reasons Hunters Should Always Use Hearing Protection

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Waterfowl Hunters and the Farm Bill

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The Beginning Wingshooter

How To Buy A Suppressor

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Does The Gun Fit?

The Beginning Pistol Shooter

This Old Gun: The Beretta M1934 Pistol

Consciousness and Competence in Training

How To Take A First-Time Shooter To The Range

How To Fit Your Shotgun For More Accurate Shooting

The Dangers Of A False Sense Of Security (Gun Training)

Mistakes Rookies Make At The Shooting Range – And How To Fix Them

Shaking the Turkey Monkey Off My Back

Two Mistakes Rookies Make With Concealed Carry - And How To Fix Them 

10 Ways To Conceal Carry

What You Must Know About Cover and Concealment in Self-Defense

Two Mistakes Rookies Make In Handgun Shooting – And How To Fix Them

Field To Fork: Wild Turkey Tortilla Soup

Tap/Rack as a Conditioned Response

Patterning Your Shotgun for Turkey Hunting

What to pack for an Elk Hunt (When space is limited)

Open Carry - Some thoughts on the subject

5 Things To Know Before Buying A Home-defense Handgun

8 tips for a Great Western Prairie Dog Hunt

How To Overcome Training Boredom

How To Improve Your Semi-Automatic Handgun Reliability

Advice for the First-time Turkey Hunter

How To Choose The Right Handgun Action (Three Redheads, Three Px4 Storm Models)

How to Outfit the Best Turkey Hunting Vest

The Most Important Factor in Surviving a Self Defense Lethal Encounter

The Mayflower Gun

A Russian Moose Hunt

A Sako Tour Plus Range Time

Russian Hunt with Beretta and Sako

My Beretta Centurion: A 90 Series Returns Home

Adventures of a New Zealand Bull Tahr Hunt

15 Keys to Creating Your Dream Hunt

Shoot or Don't Shoot? What Would You Do?

A Handy Upgrade for the Beretta 1301 Shotgun

Exactly How Precise Is A Shotgun?

6 Things That Can Spoil Your Turkey Hunt

In defense of the trigger reset (yes: it's important)

A Tactical Shooting Revelation

Trigger Reset: Don't Waste Your Time

Handgun Laser Myths... Busted!

Ken Middleton Memorial Youth Pheasant Hunt/Sporting Clays Shoot

Real Gun Control

Two Factors in Handgun Accuracy

10-Year-Old Shyanne Roberts is Rocking the 3-Gun World with Her Beretta 1301 Comp Shotgun

College Students Shooting the Clay...

What's a Beretta Trident Lodge? Try Joshua Creek!

How to prepare for a Horseback Hunt

Drakes Only Day with Calcasieu Charter Service

Upland Hunting Etiquette

A Handgun Laser Primer

Clay Shooting Advice from an Olympian

The Beretta Px4 Type C

Quail Hunting and a Visit to the Dream Ranch

Benefits of Using a Handgun Laser

Six Tips for Seeking Outdoor Adventure in Fly-over Country

Managing the Trigger

Southern Woods, Georgia Birds and Hospitality

Using Hearing Aids with Hearing Protection

Trigger Control: Accepting the Wobble

Chris Cerino's 7 Gun Tips to Become a Better Shooter

Shooting the Beretta ARX100

It's About the Fundamentals, in Gun Training

10 Ways to Carry Your Concealed Carry Gun

A Story of Students and Clay Shotguns

Questions You Should Ask When Booking A Guided Hunt (Part 2)

Getting Old and Still Seeing the Sights

4 Ways to Put Wild Game in Your Freezer

A Quick Tour of the Beretta ARX100

Questions You Should Ask When Booking A Guided Hunt (Part 1)

Gun Practice? Or Plinking?

9 Tips For A Better Dove Hunting Season

What's The Best Handgun for Women to Carry?

Impressions On The Beretta Cx4 Storm Carbine

Self Defense: When Practice Has To Make Perfect

Convergence: Why Your Zero is Only Correct at Two Distances

Clay Shooting Tips: The Straight Away Target - Easy to Hit and Easy to Miss

Shooting The Beretta 1301 Tactical In The Dark (3 Gun)

Getting High: How to Get Ready for Hunting and Competitions at Altitude

Shooting in the Dark: The Crimson Trace Midnight 3 Gun Invitational

10 Tips For Taking Your Wife To The Range

No Substitute for Focus in Gun Training

6 Ways to Survive a High Mountain Elk Hunt

Three Steps To Fixing A Broken Hunting Retriever

How To Improve Your Handgun Accuracy In One Easy Step

Taking Your Handgun Proficiency to the Next Level

10 Ways To Convince Your Wife You Need Another Gun

A Look At The Beretta 1301 Tactical Shotgun

Stun Guns and Electronic Control Devices for Self Defense

Four Things You May Not Know About Duck Hunting Ammo

How To Clean Your Beretta Px4

Effective Gun Training

Concealed Carry Equipment Is Important, But…

Five Steps to Layout Blind Success in Duck Hunting

How to Find A Gun Expert for Real Handgun Training

Ten Ways To Convince Your Husband You Need Another Gun

10 Gun Tips You Need To Know About Flying With Guns

Five Steps to Successful Duck Hunting

Is Turkey Hunting Really That Hard?

Training for Competition: Keeping It Fresh and Avoiding Burn-out

12 Reasons I Concealed Carry A Gun

Shotgun Tips: How To Choose Shotgun Shell

I'm Not a Criminal: Debunking the Myths About Choosing Concealed Carry

Concealed Carry Superman! Nah…Not Really.

Four Essential Handgun Accessories (and not) You Might Not Have in Your Range Bag

Secrets of Concealed Carry

Refuse To Be A Victim, The Choice IS yours.

7 Tips to Prepare for a Grueling Competition

Shotgun Tips: Learning From Your Misses

Turn Your Handgun Into An Effective Home Defense Tool

Choosing a Competition Shotgun

Memoirs of a 3 Gun Competition Newbie

How To Get Started Trap Shooting

How to Handle a Traffic Stop with a Concealed Carry Gun

5 Stand - When There's Not Time for Sporting Clays

Customizing Your Beretta Handguns: Why Not?

Spring Scouting for Fall Grouse

Thinking about Concealed Carry? Read this first.

Why Everyone Needs a Bellyband for Concealed Carry

Spend Some Time at the Shooting Range for Real Group Therapy

Top 10 Gun Cleaning Tips

Justifying Deadly Force - 7 Areas Courts May Examine (Self Defense Tips)

A Beretta 92 and the Sound of Silence

8 Tips to Outsmarting a Gobbler - Some Turkey Hunting Advice

The Rookie’s Introduction to Clay Shooting

How to Easily Renew Your Concealed Carry Permit

Gun Training Done Right - Six Shooting Range Etiquette Tips

Students with Shotguns! Sporting Clays and the SCTP Competition.

Concealed Carry’s Moral Questions

Home Defense and Castle Doctrine - Know Your State Laws

Six Ways to Ensure Kids Have Fun Turkey Hunting

NRA Annual Meeting Day 3

NRA Annual Meeting Day 2: The Action Heroes Arrive!

NRA Annual Meeting Day 1 Coverage

The Truth About Tricking Out Your Handgun

Five ways to make your pheasant hunt better

The Best Holsters for Concealed Carry Guns

Nothing Like the first Ones of Spring

Bone Hunting

How To Rack Your Handgun Slide Like A Boss

Handgun Training to Become a Better Shooter

25 Trigger Pulls to Become a Better Shooter (Handgun Training)

Using Bigger Guns, Smaller Caliber for Firearms Training

Gear for Your First Defensive Pistol Course

Self Defense After Self Defense

8 Reasons You Need Real Firearms Training

10 Self Defense Tips to Defend Yourself from an Attacker

The Basics of Concealed Carry

Five Ways To Do Concealed Carry with a Full Size Gun

How to Buy a New Gun - Deciding Together

Is Off-Body Carry Really a Good Concealed Carry Idea?

The Truth About Self Defense Against an Active Shooter

Open letter to a gun-buying husband

Putting Guns Where They’d Least Expect Them

What makes a great concealed carry holster?

Transcript of Jeff Reh's Speech on New Plant in Tennessee

Transcript of Franco Gussalli Beretta's Speech on New Plant in Tennessee

Beretta USA to Locate New Manufacturing Facility in Tennessee

Gun Storage Options for Every Price Range

The 3 self-defense tools you should carry every day

The best ammo for self defense

Self Defense: How To Get Your Concealed Carry Permit

What you need to know about Sako and Tikka

Deadly Force in Self Defense During a Home Invasion

Beretta is the bomb at Media Day 2014

Where You Can and Cannot Carry Your Gun

SHOT Show Update

Five Tips to a Successful Mule Deer Hunt

Holster Selection - Not As Easy As Some May Think

Concealed Carry Myths & Misconceptions - Off Body Carry

Starting with Beretta Defense Technologies

Are You Insane? Firearms Training and Use of Force

10 New Year’s Resolutions Every Gun Owner Should Make

Guns, the Second Amendment and Grandpa

Project ChildSafe

Five Fabulous Gift Ideas for the Lady Hunter or Shooter

Hunting Wild Turkey for your Holiday Dinner

Six Ways to Get Started Hunting

Gun Tips - Traveling with Your Gun on Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Gun Gear for the Holidays

5 Tips for Holiday Gift Shopping For Your Well Armed Woman.

Fall Is For Family, Firearms And Traditions

Preparing for a Teal Hunt

The Good News About Bear Hunting

Lead Poisoning Symptoms and Strategies to Minimize Contamination

Pretty Guns

Teal Hunt Success and Recommendations

Impossible Expectations – Part 3

Lead Dangers – Health Effects & Methods of Contamination

The Duck Hunting Journal - Xtreme Flyways - Entry Two

Myths & Misconceptions of Concealed Carry - Training Series

The Duck Hunting Journal - Xtreme Flyways

Learning to Shoot with your Weak Hand - Firearms Training

Impossible Expectations in Self Defense – Part 2

Don’t Forget to Breathe - Four Breathing Methods for Shooters

Summer Camping Fun

Wiltons' Roast Grouse - A Recipe for Fall Grouse

Should I Carry a Round in the Chamber? - Self Defense

Impossible Expectations in Firearms Use – Part 1

Should I Shoot with One Eyed Open or Two? - Shooting Tips

Hunting the Honey Hole Tree

Concealed Carry Handguns - Rehearsal and Responsibility

Five Ways to Prepare Against Stress in Firearms Practice

The Importance of Introducing Stress in Gun Training

What does it mean to be well armed?

The Consequences of Using your Firearm in Self Defense

Concealed Carry Handguns for Women in the Summer

Response to Gov. O'Malley's signature of SB281 - Your Gun Rights

If our guns could talk...

Shooting handguns with my brother.

Testimony of Beretta to the State of Maryland

Responsible gun owners: Don't Give Up!

An Honest Look At The Concealed Carry Purse

Things that go crash in the night...

A Call To Women Gun Owners - Speak Up

3 Concealed Carry Tips For People With A Disabilities

Deer Hunting Gear

Smoke Sticks

Duck Calling Tips

Here Birdie, Birdie!!!

Going Through The Change

What A Weekend!

Let's Go Duck Hunting

Are You Ready?

Dove Season Opener

My first time with a 92

10 Reasons To Go Deer Hunting Instead of Duck Hunting

A Man's True Best Friend

When you've got to go.... You've got to go!

Top 10 Reasons I Love Duck Hunting

How About a Duck Recipe?

Swapping Guns With Social Media

10 Gun Wish List

Conservation, It's Our Duty

My First AR Build

Concealed Carry For Larger Women

The Hook

Breathe, Breathe, BREATHE!!!

2012 Long Range Sniper Competition

Shotgun Shells: The Ins and Outs of Selection (Part 3)

Shooting With Judge Parker’s Marshal’s

Firearms Accessories: Today's Choices

The Truth

3 Problems With Concealed Carry While On Crutches

Independence Day

Ode to the Range Bag

Shotgun Shells: The Ins and Outs of Selection (Part 2)

Daddy's Little Girl

Shotgun Shells: The Ins and Outs of Selection (Part 1)

Clay Shooting, a Beginner’s Thoughts

Crutching Around With A CCW

Our Future Hunters and Fishers

Impressions From A Gun Show Virgin

First Lady of Duck Hunting

The PSA Shootout

Cars and Compassion

Of Tobacco and Lead

The 10 to 2 Rule

Barrel Full of Monkeys

American Heroes

Eat Your Vegetables

Flight of the Silver Pigeon

Passing the Torch: Freedom to Fire Part 2

Hello, Texas? You can have your star back…

The “Conversion” Experience: Freedom to Fire (Part 1)

A Beginner's Guide to Sporting Clays


Things I've learned at the range

Love is a many splendored thing...

What Is In A Name?

The trouble with hands...

Did You Say Duck Dog?

What is a well-armed woman?

Practical Shooting 101

Let's Talk Shot Selection

Feminine instinct...

The Toughest Waterfowl Gun Ever!

What does Beretta mean to me?

Why do I shoot Beretta?

Tough decisions...

Concealment is the key

Hunting out of Layout Boats

A hunter, a race-car driver, and a sailor walk into a bar...

Gun Care

A Texas-Coastal-Bend-Kind of Weekend

The Future of Duck Hunting

Shell Selection for Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting Tips - Field Hunting Mallards

Four Folks who Changed History and Chose Beretta

A trap-shooting adventure

Live, Eat, Breath to Duck Hunt

What Is Hunting About For You?

Embarking On A Waterfowl Journey

It's Your Time to Tell Me What You Think

Fast and furious (deer)

International SWAT Roundup

My first time with Beretta

Introductions by Beretta

A Day at the Range

Beretta and the Boy Scouts of America

The Voice is (Sometimes) Mightier Than the Sword

The "Trident" story - what does the Beretta logo mean?

A Beretta Law Enforcement Day