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Nothing Like the first Ones of Spring

Posted by matteo recanatini on Apr 14, 2014 4:14:00 PM

By Nate Hosie - HeadHunters TV

Nate_LA_1Growing up in Montdale PA there was nothing I look forward to more than when the ridges would light up with gobbling turkeys.

Turkey Season is hands down my favorite time of the year! Now I love to hunt anything and everything but there is just something about the interaction of turkey hunting and the art of calling a turkey that for me it puts it above all the rest.

Over the last few years I have been beyond blessed to be a part of HeadHunters TV and travel all over the country hunting. I am truly thankful for the opportunities I  have been given and for the people I have met and shared the woods with, It truly is a dream come true.

This year we kicked off our Turkey season with our Good friends the Busbice family in the swamps of Louisiana. Over the last few years it has quickly become one of my favorite hunts of the year.  The terrain of the bayou is so different from the hills and hollers of PA that I am used to chasing turkeys in. Louisiana had a bunch rain just a few days prior to our hunt but by our first morning out the rain had moved on the skies were clear and the turkeys were gobbling!  We were hard after em and it didn't take long to have one of those Louisiana love, sick bayou screaming, long beards coming our way. He was gobbling hard and closing the distance fast! I remember as he came over the hill I shouldered my Beretta A400 and in that moment its like it all just stopped. Everyone of us as hunters knows the moment I am talking about. We all have such a deep respect for the animals we hunt that when its finally about to happen and all our hard work is about to pay off we can't help but to get lost in that moment and appreciate it.

There is nothing like the first ones of spring and I was thankful to fill both of my tags In Louisiana. I am thankful for everyones support, thankful to be a hunter and I wish all you the very best this spring be safe and keep the turkeys floppin! God Bless!

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Written by matteo recanatini