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Shotgun Tips: Learning From Your Misses

Posted by Derrek Sigler on Jun 11, 2014 9:57:00 AM


Everyone, even our Olympic champions, miss a shot now and then. Some of us miss more than others. It is easier to miss with a shotgun than you might think. Learning from a miss can teach you a lot about how to take the next shot, and let’s face it; there isn’t any shot more important than the next one.

Mistaking the distance of the target is a prime way to miss. And with waterfowl and upland game, it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to measure because you’re dealing with fast-moving birds. One tactic you can do to work on judgment is to observe birds as much as possible. During a waterfowl hunt, I’ll set up decoys at specific yardages. It gives me a little reassurance that I know how far everything is in relation to where I am. Increasing your confidence reduces that chance that you’ll miss.

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8 Tips to Outsmarting a Gobbler - Some Turkey Hunting Advice

Posted by Mia Anstine on May 12, 2014 12:47:00 PM


I’ve heard it a million times, and I’m sure you have too. Don’t over-call when you’re turkey hunting. That’s a good tip, but here’s a scenario that leads me to believe at times you need to call according to how the turkeys are responding. 

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Six Ways to Ensure Kids Have Fun Turkey Hunting

Posted by Mia Anstine on Apr 30, 2014 10:38:00 AM


Turkey hunting is a perfect opportunity to get a novice involved in hunting. There is so much they can learn. Plus, hunting is a form of wildlife research and ultimately wildlife management. As a hunter, a child will learn about wildlife identification, animal habitats, animal migrations and so much more. It creates a connection and responsibility between them and their surroundings. Many hunters become stewards to the Earth.

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Nothing Like the first Ones of Spring

Posted by matteo recanatini on Apr 14, 2014 4:14:00 PM

By Nate Hosie - HeadHunters TV

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Hunting Wild Turkey for your Holiday Dinner

Posted by Mia Anstine on Dec 17, 2013 8:00:00 AM

turkey-hunting-thumbAutumn is a wonderful time to take your Beretta A400 out turkey hunting. It can also be a great time to reward your family by bringing home a fresh turkey for dinner. If you want to bring home a  wild holiday turkey, you better be prepared.

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