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Posted by matteo recanatini on Feb 1, 2012 6:27:00 AM

How do you sell a $100,000 gun to someone who already has everything?
For the first time ever, Beretta sponsored this year the "Cavallino Classic" event, in collaboration with racecar maker Ferrari and super yacht brand Ferretti, in an affair designed to entertain and market to millionaires from all over the United States.

The event, which took place in West Palm Beach, Florida, was part of a three-day extravaganza that even included a race among Ferrari owners.
Beretta participated in one of the Cavallino Classic events called the "Yacht Hop" at Rybovich Marina. This particular event allowed Ferrari owners from all over the country to meet in the stunning setting of the top-class marina to display almost 100 of their prized vehicle, enjoy hors d’oeuvres, visit super yachts and luxury vessels by Ferretti and Riva (each worth millions of dollars!) and fondle $100,000 Beretta premium guns.

On January 20, the Beretta mobile showroom parked at the Marina, waiting for the event staff to display over $1 million in premium shotguns, including the famed SO10, SO6 and Jubilee. The arrival immediately drew the interest of the Marina staff: many of the employees stopped polishing the chromed rails of the yachts to take a pause and enjoy the engineering marvel and artistry that is our line of premium guns. By 7pm, the Marina was hopping, music was playing, and the Beretta staff, which included Dallas Gallery manager Ian Anderson, New York Gallery gunsmith Ed Anderson and pro shooter Will Fennell, were entertaining the rich and famous of the Cavallino club.

The event was a thorough success, and Ferretti Yachting and Ferrari are already looking forward to inviting us to next year’s event.

As a note of trivia, the link between Beretta and Ferretti yachts does not end at the fact that both are iconic Italian brands, but runs much deeper: Ferretti yachts exists today thanks to seeding money from the Beretta family (who has been a nautical family for many years.) Additionally, when Ferretti set up shop, the owner spent quite a bit of time at the Beretta factory, understanding the secrets of industrializing a process that had historically been artisanal.

So: some of you are probably reading this and wondering what makes a gun worth $100,000, when it really shoots the same ammo in the same way as your $1,500 686 Onyx. Here's a video that explains the mechanics behind a premium shotgun. Think of it as a 12 ga. Cartier watch.
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