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NRA Annual Meeting Day 2: The Action Heroes Arrive!

Posted by Tom McHale

on Apr 27, 2014 12:15:00 AM


No worries folks, Gotham and Indianapolis are both safe...

Thanks to a couple of #BerettaHeroes who arrived on the scene of the second day of the NRA Annual meeting to make sure no dastardly villains ruined the event.

John and Jack, both from the Great State of Indiana, made a brief appearance at the Beretta booth and allowed their fans a quick photo opp. As no villainous plots were hatched today, we can just assume that the deterrence factor was strong.

As you can see, Jack prefers the punch and reach of the Beretta ARX 100 while John values the classic reliability of the Beretta M9. Both declined to elaborate on their hand-to-hand martial arts training, citing national security concerns.

You know these guys are pros - note the trigger finger discipline. No word yet on whether the dynamic duo will be providing overwatch security tomorrow.

Retrieving Freedom

Meet Traveler. He works for a 501c3 organization that helps Veterans with disabilities. Word is, he actually will work for food!


Retrieving Freedom places trained service dogs with Veterans with physical disabilities and PTSD. The organization also trains dogs for placement with children diagnosed with autism.

The service dogs are provided at no charge, but training and support is an expensive endeavor. Please check out Retrieving Freedom and send them a donation! Every little bit helps the good work at Retrieving Freedom, so break out those wallets. 

Girl Power Hour at the Beretta Booth.

The good folks at Beretta sponsored a #GirlPowerHour for writers, bloggers and media personalities. Of course the guys attended the event in force. What male media maven would pass up an opportunity to schmooze with the coolest ladies in the biz?


The crew was treated to a personalized booth tour of Beretta’s Class of 2014 guns including the Beretta Pico, Beretta ARX 100 and the absolutely gorgeous new Beretta 692 over and under shotgun

Do you know H&M Metal Processing?

If you have a Beretta Nano you do, although you may be aware yet. H&M’s BlackNitride is used to treat the slides and barrels of the Beretta Nano.


Michelle Cerino preparing for the onslaught of attendees on Saturday at the NRA Annual Meeting

H&M is the company that has developed the BlackNitride thermochemical treatment process. It’s not a coating, but rather a a treatment integral to the metal that provides corrosion and wear resistance. It also has lubrication properties that make high-contact metal parts play together nicely.

H&M’s BlackNitride is also used on the brand spanking new Beretta ARX-100 for internal parts subject to heavy wear and tear.

You learn something new every day here at the NRA Annual meeting.

DoubleTap .380 ACP

No industry event is complete without stopping by for a conversation with the Godfather of Bang, Mike McNett from DoubleTap Ammunition. Brand new from DoubleTap is ideal ammo for your Beretta Pico.

.380 ACP can be a tricky proposition for ammunition makers. It’s easy to make a load that will penetrate deeply. It’s also easy to make a load that will expand beautifully. The tricky part is getting one to do both.


DoubleTap has a history of developing their ammunition using best of breed components from projectile companies like Barnes and Nosler. Now DoubleTap is designing their own projectiles, as evidenced by the brand new 95 grain .380 ACP bullet. It’s a hollow point, but with a very narrow tip. The purpose of the pointy bullet shape is to feed reliably through a wide variety of .380 pistols. 

Fired from a Beretta Pico, this round achieves velocity of 970 feet per second. The combination of velocity, weight and design result in 13 ½ inches of penetration in standard ballistic gelatin. Expansion creates a mushroom that measures somewhere around .55 caliber.

We’ll be doing a detailed test of this DoubleTap .380 load in an upcoming article, so stay tuned.

Galco iDefense

New for 2014, Galco takes the day planner concealed concept to the next level - into the i-Tech-Stuff age. The Galco iDefense is a day planner that’s engineered to hold an iPad. It fits all iPads Generation I through IV, but not the iPad Mini.


The Galco iDefense supports your iPad in a usable position while hiding a gun and spare magazine underneath. 

What I like about it is its split personality. Some day planner solutions are simply a big holster that looks like a day planner. You can’t open it up without exposing your gun. This one has a dedicated gun compartment accessible via a separate zipper. Outside of that is the iPad holder. And it doesn’t just hold the iPad. It also includes a support brace that will prop your iPad up at about a 45 degree angle. This allows you to use the iDefense while speaking at a podium, sitting at a table, or even while relaxing in a lounge chair. Should you require the services of your handgun, it’s easily available just underneath.


A view of the dedicated gun and spare magazine compartment. 

The holster pocket features sewn-in elastic bands that hold a medium to full size handgun. As it’s a one-size option, the support bands aren’t really sized for a micro pocket gun like the Ruger LCP. But that would defeat the purpose anyway. The big benefit, as I see it, is the ability to carry a full size gun in plain sight. There is also an elastic band intended to carry a spare magazine.

The Galco iDefense is available in brown or black.


Stay tuned tomorrow for more from the NRA Annual Meeting. if you missed Day 1's coverage, you can find that here.


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Written by Tom McHale

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