Hunting and Cooking with Tori Loomis

Q&A with Tori

Hunting and Cooking with Tori Loomis

Apr 26, 2023 5:01:41 PM / by Beretta Blog

Join us in this insightful conversation with Tori Loomis, an enthusiastic hunter and chef, as she shares her journey into the world of hunting and cooking. With a deep passion for understanding the origins of her food, Tori started hunting later in life, and has since become an accomplished hunter.

In this interview, Tori talks about her first hunt, dealing with bad days of shooting, and the connection between hunting and cooking. She also provides valuable advice for those who are just starting out in the world of hunting.

Q: How did you get into hunting?

Tori: I grew up in a family of hunters but did not actually start hunting until later in life. I began hunting out of a desire to have a better understanding of where my food was coming from, and the processes involved. A close family friend took me under his wing and showed me the ropes, and I’ve been hooked ever since.  

Q: Do you remember your first hunt?

Tori: Yes, well, particularly my first antlered deer harvest stands out. I'd hunted an entire season, morning, and evenings. I'd watched deer all season. I passed on several does, and even some antlered deer. It was nearing end of season and I'd yet to pull the trigger. With three days left, and over thirty hunts in, I finally got him. His antlers hang above my bed now. Pretty sure I called every member of my family and shared the news. We all celebrated at the skinning shed and were fed for weeks to come.

Q: Do you ever have a bad day of shooting when hunting?

Tori: Do I ?! Absolutely! This rings true especially with my transition from predominantly deer hunting to waterfowl hunting in recent years. The difference in shooting a rifle and a shotgun has been a lesson I've had to learn to love over and over again. The lessons I learn on bad days pretty much always lead me to some really good days.

Q: How do you shake off a miss or a bad day of shooting/hunting?

Tori: I Don't know that I ever really shake it off, rather, I mull over it until I figure out where I could have done better. This usually comes down to needing more practice, and being better prepared. One thing I've learned through hunting that has carried over into my life is how important it is to be prepared. That's the beginning of a successful hunt and preparation usually begins months before the show down takes place.

Q: Do you have any advice for young or first time hunters?

Tori: Don't be afraid to ask questions and keep trying. Just go.

Q: How do you intertwine hunting and cooking?

Tori: I don't really separate the two. I want to be as connected to my food as possible and harvesting an animal is about as close as it gets. As a chef I enjoy sharing this process with others in a way that I hope helps people better understand their food and the importance of spending time with what nurtures us.


Q: Are you more passionate about cooking or hunting?

Tori: While I did stumble into the world of culinary arts before becoming a hunter, I cannot say that I am more passionate about one or the other. I have had an obsession with food and what nurtures us for as long as I can remember, and hunting was a major dot connector for me. Cooking without hunting hardly makes sense. I'm passionate about both and can't imagine it any other way.


About Tori Loomis

Tori Loomis is a skilled chef and avid hunter who has a deep passion for understanding the origins of her food. Growing up in a family of hunters, Tori's interest in hunting was sparked later in life as she sought a deeper connection with her food. She is a self-taught hunter who has honed her skills over the years, and her love for cooking and hunting has led her to intertwine the two in a unique and meaningful way. Through her cooking and hunting, Tori hopes to inspire others to connect with their food and appreciate the process of harvesting and preparing it.




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