Pistol Range Tips with JJ Racaza



Pistol Range Tips with JJ Racaza

Mar 15, 2022 10:00:00 AM / by JJ Racaza

Team Beretta’s JJ Racaza has repeatedly ranked as one of the top 5 for USPSA and IPSC shooters, JJ holds and has broken multiple world speeding shooting records. As a former DHS Federal Agent, he held positions as a Lead Firearms Instructor, Field Training Officer, and Law Enforcement Academy Instructor.

Currently, JJ is certified as an instructor in firearms and defensive tactics from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and is an instructor for PFC firearm training programs. Training like a sponsored Team Beretta shooter doesn’t have to be intimidating, keep it simple with the follow range tips and you’ll be on your way to an IDPA or USPSA win in your future.



When heading to the range, keep it simple. Target specific areas of the fundamentals you want to work on, such as speed, accuracy, or movement. Far too many people over complicate the drills and work on too much without improving any of these areas.

JJ Racaza


Prior to heading to the range, ensure to do your prep work. This prep includes gathering your equipment, knowing your gear (firearm, holster, and mag pouches), how they work, inside and out as well as familiarizing yourself with the nomenclature of the firearm, such as the Beretta 92X Performance. Lastly, make sure you are very comfortable manipulating the firearm by doing some dry fire or simple/basic gun handling (UNLOADED gun) at home. This way, once at the range, you can focus on learning and enjoying how the gun shoots and not stressing out to figure what to do or how to do a few simple gun handling skills.


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Cleaning your gun is not only a good habit to perform after each range session, but also the best way to develop that connection and familiarity between you and your Beretta Pistol. By doing so, the handing becomes second nature while also learning the mechanics of your firearm. Of course, don’t forget to Beretta has a line of firearm cleaning essentials that ensures your gun is in top notch for your next range day.


Now you’re ready to start prepping for your next pistol match with your Beretta 92X Performance. Shoot straight, win big at your next competition match this season.


Author | JJ Racaza

JJ Racaza is a 5-time IPSC and USPSA National Champion and a 3-time Speed Shooting WCH Champion who has repeatedly been ranked as one of the top 5 competitors in the USPSA and IPSC disciplines.
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JJ Racaza

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