Shooting Protection: A Buyer’s Guide

Shooting Protection


Shooting Protection: A Buyer’s Guide

Mar 29, 2022 4:27:50 PM / by Beretta Blog

When talking about safety on the range or in the field, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is the importance of handling their firearm safely. However, let’s discuss how paramount your shooting protection is when you’re on the range or hunting. Not all eye and ear protection are created equal when you’re browsing for your first set of safety gear or looking to replace your well-used shooting protection.

Protecting your eyes and ears is one of the fundamental parts of being a safe and responsible gun owner. At any given time when you’re firing your handgun, shotgun, or rifle there’s the potential risk of encountering pieces of hot brass that can burn or gunpowder that can inhibit your vision.


Ear Shooting Protection



Exposure to individual shooting environments and the level of noise produced by the type of firearm you’re using varies, especially when you’re shooting at an indoor range. We recommend choosing adequate ear protection to defend against hearing loss, focusing on the protection that is comfortable for the shooter.
What should you look for when choosing your hearing protection?

• A noise rating of at least 20dB.
• Properly fitted earmuffs or earplugs.
• The type of ear protection you prefer to wear.

Here are a few different types of hearing protection you can choose from Beretta:

Passive Earmuffs: Earmuffs are one of the most popular styles of hearing protection from Beretta. The earmuff style will enclose the shooter’s ear while a band runs over the top of the head to secure the earmuff to each ear. The Beretta Safety Pro Earmuffs are carefully engineered with an ergonomic design that is equipped with 25dB SNR of noise reduction. For some shooters, especially children, the earmuff style of shooting protection provides comfort and ease of removal when the range is no longer “hot.” When purchasing your first or tenth pair of earmuffs ensure they properly fit. A proper fit will not have any gap between your ear and the muff nor slip off your head. They will be secure to your ear and head. However, they should still be comfortable to wear for prolonged periods.


Passive Earplugs: earplugs are one of the most common styles of ear protection for multiple shooting disciplines. The earplug style of shooting protection provides the shooter with a high reduction of noise when worn. When the shooter has properly inserted and secured their earplug, it will seal off the ear canal, allowing the shooter to experience a safe and enjoyable time with their chosen firearm – no matter the shooting environment. If an earmuff has caused discomfort, an earplug style will eliminate pressure caused by prolonged use with earmuffs and sweat around the hairline. For shooters looking for an ergonomic and streamlined style of shooting protection, the Beretta Mini Headset Comfort Plus provides 32dB SNR of noise cancellation and comfort.

Eye Shooting Protection



Some shooters like to wear their prescription glasses at the range or when hunting. However, prescription eyewear doesn’t offer complete protection from hot casings or other flying debris. Remember, eyewear tends to get scratched when you’re shooting or in your daily routine, and your expensive prescription glasses may become scratched when you’re firing your gun.
When selecting your shooting eye protection ensure:

• The glasses wraparound the side of your face.
• The glasses come up high enough to protect your eyes.
• Provide high-impact protection in the event of ricochets.
• Can be easily cleaned.
• Comfortably fit over your prescription glasses.

Eyewear engineered and designed specifically for shooting requires high-impact protection if a piece of brass or other debris encounters your glasses. Selecting shooting glasses with a rating of at least ANSI Z87.1. When choosing your eye protection, impact protection isn’t the only factor to consider when selecting your first or fifth pair of shooting protection for your eyes. Now consider where and when you will be doing most of your shooting. The color of your lenses is a factor in your ability to see targets in different lighting conditions - simply grabbing the color you like best could cost missing your next target! Beretta has skillfully designed and engineered impact-resistant shooting protection for shooting disciplines, such as the Clash Shooting Glasses with its ANSI Z87.1 impact rating.

Wearing your shooting protection isn’t just about following the rules of your RSO (Range Safety Officer) or guide on your next hunt, it is imperative to the well-being of your eyes and ears for years to come. Being a safe and responsible gun owner by properly gearing up and handling your firearm is paramount for a safe and fun experience.




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