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Ten Ways To Convince Your Husband You Need Another Gun

Posted by Mia Anstine

on Jul 5, 2014 10:56:00 AM


The other day a question was posed to me, “How do I convince my husband I need another gun?” I was perplexed by the question and had absolutely no immediate comeback.

I pondered and then empathized. How do I convince Hank that I need another gun? I answered my own question. I don’t. If I need another gun, I simply buy it. That’s part of being an independent, self-sufficient woman, right?

There are instances where, out of mutual respect, I may buy a gun to add to our collection and at the same time, support a donation worthy cause. Here’s an example: 

*ring* *ring* 

Hank: "Hello." 

Mia & LG: "Hi! It's us. We just bought a rifle at the NRA Ladies Luncheon auction." 

Hank: "A rifle? What kind?"

LG: "A 30-06."

Hank: "Alright! Perfect! We don't have one of those yet."

Mia: "Now we do!"

That scenario is common at our house. Once, at an SCI banquet, we spent three times the value of a rifle in donation to an organization that gives direct support to our youth shooting sports. You see, we are collectors as well as supporters of the cause. The cause being conservation, Constitution, education, wildlife and habitat sustainment.

Soooo…… I still had no answer to her question. I pondered a bit longer and came up with ten answers to the question of how to convince your husband you “need” another gun. 

I NEED a new gun so:

  1. I need another gun because I want to be just like Kim. No, not Kim K.! Olympic Champion, Kim Rhode! I NEED a Beretta DT11 just like Kim!
  2. I want to wear that great hunting gear! Did you see how amazing those ladies look in their upland hunting apparel? I obviously need a break action shotgun to go with that great wool jacket and brush pants!
  3. I want to protect our family and the carry pistol I have right now is bulky to carry with the lighter-weight summer outfits I’m wearing. The smaller sized Beretta Pico would be perfect to carry all summer. I need one.
  4. I want to go on a duck hunt with those other girls and they all have fancy semi-auto shotguns. I need to buy a new A400? It even comes in an appropriate camo pattern, just like the other girls’.
  5. I want to express my Second amendment right. I need to by another gun to reinforce my commitment to it.
  6. You know, the vice president says we should protect ourselves by stepping out the door and firing our shotgun in the air a couple times. I’ve researched, and his idea does break a few of the firearm safety rules. BUT, a tactical shotgun would be ideal for in-home protection. We don’t have one of those yet. It would be perfect for me when I’m home alone, so I’m sure I need one.
  7. I’ve been working on making our house a bit cozier. Don’t you think a moose above fireplace would look fabulous? I need a new hunting rifle so I can go on an Alaskan moose hunt.
  8. Didn’t you think she was sexy in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider? I want to be like Angelina Jolie. I need a 92FS pistol!
  9. Husband, I need therapy. Group therapy that is. Focusing intensely on hitting the bullseye of a target is said to ease stress. I need a new gun to take to the range to shoot targets.
  10. I want to compete! I’ve been seeing that women are in shooting competitions more and more. I want to compete too! Three gun sounds perfect for me. I need a new pistol, shotgun and carbine!  

Tell me, have you ever had to convince your husband that you need a new gun? What gun did you have your eye on? How did you convince (or attempt to convince) him that you needed one?

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Written by Mia Anstine

Mia Anstine is an outfitter, guide, hunter, mentor, firearms and archery instructor. Among other publications, she is a staff writer for Beretta USA, Western Whitetail Magazine and guest at several other publications. As a public speaker she teaches and inspires others to get involved in outdoor activities. She takes pride in guiding ladies and children for their first hunts. She’s hunted red stag, bull tahr, elk, mule deer, black bear, turkey, game birds, waterfowl, predators, varmints, hogs, carp and has more on her bucket list. To learn more about Mia, visit her website at

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