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The Best Holsters for Concealed Carry Guns

Posted by Jason Hanson

on Apr 17, 2014 9:02:00 AM


For the past few years, concealed carry guns have been selling like crazy. And as any shooter knows, once you buy the gun, you’ve also got to find the right holster for it. This past weekend I was teaching a training course in San Diego. One of the attendees wore his gun on his ankle and swore by this carry position. He liked the fact that he could be driving in his car and have to barely reach down to draw his gun. He also mentioned that, while sitting in a restaurant, he would have easy access to the gun if anything occurred in the place.

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of ankle carry. 

I think it takes way too long to draw your gun if you're standing up. Yet if you’re going to ankle carry, go for a quality holster, and be sure to practice from varied positions.

As we said in the past, it's important to choose your concealed-carry location carefully.

Another option for your pocket gun is, of course, carry it in your pocket. This is what I prefer and you’ll often find me with a gun in my front right pocket. The holster that I use a kydex holster and it’s worked great for me. The important thing to remember about pocket holsters is that the kydex ones have to be made in a way that will prevent it from coming out with the gun, when you draw your firearm..


(The Nano Pocket holster)


If pocket carry isn’t right for you, you can always try a bellyband as a way to carry your pocket gun. I use my bellyband when I go running every morning and it always keeps my pocket gun securely in place. The only downside with most bellybands is that because the gun is so close to your body you’ll get sweat on the gun so you’ll have to remember to wipe the gun off with a towel if you wear it when exercising.

I do know a few folks who carry their pocket guns in their back pocket in a wallet-type holster. Just remember to make sure you don’t get pick pocketed and remember to practice your draw from this position often.

Concealed Carry Accessories

One of the most popular types of holsters for pocket guns is the holsters that clip onto your belt and look like a cell phone case. A lot of folks (especially businessmen) swear by it. The only thing I really don’t like about these types of holsters is that it’s a little tough to establish a solid grip on the gun while it’s in the holster.

The last type of holster you may want to consider for your pocket gun is one of the built in holsters inside a messenger, laptop or other type of bag. We've discussed the pros and cons of off body carry in the past, and many people don’t find it comfortable to carry a gun anywhere on their body and they’d much prefer to have the gun in a purse or laptop bag.


(A Messenger Bag like this "Transporter" is designed to conceal a holster)

If you decide to do this make sure the built in holster covers the trigger guard. You also want to keep an eye on the muzzle of the gun so that when you’re holding the bag you’re not accidentally pointing a loaded gun at someone. Also, ensure that the bag your gun is in never leaves you, not even for a second.

What it all boils down to is this: There are a ton of carry options for your pocket gun and you need to decide where on your body (if on your body at all) works best for you. I prefer to carry my gun in my front right pocket but I know it’s certainly not for everyone.

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Written by Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson is a former CIA Officer and author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry. He is also the creator of the Ultimate Concealed Carry Experience.