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Top 5 Reasons Hunters Should Always Use Hearing Protection

Posted by Jodi Stemler on Aug 7, 2017 11:01:34 AM


We all know the gun range mantra of “eyes and ears” and, when we’re at the shooting range, many of us wear this protection without fail. However, it is not uncommon for a hunter to head to the woods without hearing protection in place.

I’ll raise my hand and say I am one of them. Hunters spend hours sitting in a blind or walking in the upland fields not knowing when or if a shot will ever be fired. Muffling noise for those limited times when you shoot means every other minute when you’re NOT firing sounds like you are under water.

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Five Ways the Shooting Range Helps with Hunting

Posted by Mia Anstine on Jul 7, 2017 10:59:32 AM


With hot summertime temperatures, some might be surprised that we’ve already got our sights focused on waterfowl and upland hunting season. There are those out shooting summer leagues at the shotgun range and others who are booking September teal hunts, November pheasant hunts, and January goose pursuits. As many approach the stand at the range, they think of their scores, winning a shoot, or how to prepare for hunting season.

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How To Fit Your Shotgun For More Accurate Shooting

Posted by Mia Anstine on Jun 1, 2017 8:40:39 AM


Summertime means shotgun season: range time, league shoots, and competitions. To shoot our best we need to make sure that our guns properly fit.

First off, choose the shotgun that best matches your anticipated style of shooting. As you look through Beretta's catalog, you'll see over-and-under, side-by-side, and semi-automatic shotguns to cover everything from upland hunting to clay target shooting, to waterfowl hunting.

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Shaking the Turkey Monkey Off My Back

Posted by Jodi Stemler on May 17, 2017 1:48:25 PM

Image result for gobbler

A week before our turkey hunt, the weather report wasn’t looking good. This was the only weekend we had to head up to Scottsbluff, Nebraska and predictions were calling for sub-freezing temperatures, snow, and high winds – not exactly prime spring turkey hunting conditions! I tried to manage my expectations, but fears of not having the opportunity to finally harvest my first bird raised their ugly head.

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Field To Fork: Wild Turkey Tortilla Soup

Posted by Mia Anstine on May 2, 2017 8:52:49 AM


Recently, I've written about how to get started with turkey hunting and how to prepare yourself and your gear to go afield. Within my family, there's not much more enjoyable than taking our Beretta A300 shotguns out to the field to tag and bag a spring-time wild-turkey.

However, there's more to the thrill of hunting wild turkeys than the process of hunting the bird. While the challenge of outsmarting these savvy birds and putting the knockdown on them is part of the fulfillment in the hunt, there remains the question of how to make the most of your wild turkey harvest. Today, I'd like to share one of my favorite recipes for wild turkey.

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Patterning Your Shotgun for Turkey Hunting

Posted by Mia Anstine on Apr 4, 2017 10:46:41 AM


There’s more than one reason to pattern a shotgun before you head out on a turkey hunt. One is to make sure the gun is shooting where it’s supposed to; the other is to make sure the shooter is shooting where he, or she, is supposed to.

Taking shots during turkey hunting is a bit different than those during waterfowl season. When you’ve got just one shot on a big bird, you want to make sure it’s a good one. Take your Beretta Turkey shotgun to the range and make sure you know where it’s hitting. Aim it at a turkey target, so you can verify the pattern impact where you aim.

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What to pack for an Elk Hunt (When space is limited)

Posted by Beretta Blog on Apr 3, 2017 4:13:59 PM


Cool nights and crisp mornings bring pangs and yearnings for elk season. If you’ve ever dreamed of an elk hunt, you may envision fall colors, big mountains and screaming bulls. Hunting bull elk during the rut is a hunt of a lifetime.

The truth of the matter is there are numerous ways, locations and scenarios for elk hunts. I think of the vision I shared above, while an acquaintance shared a vision of riding short horses across Mongolia with guides who didn’t speak English and expected you to jump from your running horse to ambush the glorious bull.

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8 tips for a Great Western Prairie Dog Hunt

Posted by Dick Jones on Mar 28, 2017 7:39:27 AM


Since we weren’t really prepared for a serious prairie dog hunt, my grandson, Charlie, and I decided our best tactic was to shoot the closer dogs with the .22 rimfire. I had only two rifles in the truck, one was a .223 Remington 5.56mm NATO rifle with a 1-6 Alpen scope. The other was a .22LR semi-auto rifle. I shot a couple of dogs out at longer ranges with the .223, but the extra noise caused the closer dogs to keep their heads down for a longer length of time than the rimfire. Since the object was to get him some shots, we decided to stick with the .22.

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Advice for the First-time Turkey Hunter

Posted by Mia Anstine on Mar 14, 2017 3:33:38 PM


Turkey hunting seasons are opening all around the country. I’m on various social media outlets, and the other day a follower asked me a question, “What advice would you have for a lady who is a first-time turkey hunter?”

A million thoughts went through my mind as I read the request. My first thoughts included a lot of questions, which would narrow down specifics to her scenario. Then I considered, “How about some advice, not just for the lady who wants to hunt, but for men as well.”

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How to Outfit the Best Turkey Hunting Vest

Posted by Mia Anstine on Feb 24, 2017 10:33:12 AM


Dampen wintertime doldrums by prepping your vest for spring turkey hunting season. While many people’s yards are buried in snow, others are looking at uber warm temps. Then there are those who are simply dreaming of a strutting, drumming tom.

If you’re among those who either pursue turkeys in the springtime or who would like to, then you’d better get your gear ready. While a turkey hunting vest isn’t mandatory, it’s highly recommended.

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